Massages (EN)

Welcome and choose from my Tantric and relaxing massages:

ENERGETIC TANTRA MASSAGE  for  men and women

(Somananda Tantra School)

  120 min – 3000 Kč/ 150 min – 3800 Kč

TANTRA MASSAGE FOR MEN includes a healing lingam  (penis) massage , but it is not an erotic massage, so “the happy end” is not the aim. On the contrary, using some taoistic and ayurvedic techniques, I lead  the energy from the lower energy centres to the higher ones, which removes various blockages and unleash inherent power. 

Men often have their heart separated from their body, which means that they either feel love or sexual desire, but they seldom experience it together. This deeply relaxing massage, during which every man recharges his batteries,  connects that.

TANTRA MASSAGE FOR WOMEN discovers and celebrates your inner Goddess. It includes a deeper yoni (vagine) massage, so called “vaginal mapping”, which gently awakens female sexuality and heals those parts which became unsensitive because of some negative emotions.

Experiences during the massage are very individual . You can just relax deeply or have a wide range of feelings and emotions which are released (joy, laugh, sadness, anger etc.). You can even experience unity with the oneness or the whole body orgasm. The important thing is not to expect anything, not to fight with awaken emotions, but accept everything that comes.

After this massage every woman feels refreshed, beautiful and shining from the inside.

Tantra massage includes a final relaxation with chakra stones.


What is an energy orgasm?

Teaching the SENSUAL TANTRA MASSAGE for couples

2x 3000 Kč / (3-4 hours)

For couples who want to deepen their relationship and intimacy. Two sessions recommended.

When Tantra Massage is not Recommended:

  • serious heart disease
  • serious skin problems
  • acute inflammation
  • longlasting psychic problems or mental illness
  • various addictions
  • during pregnancy
  • after vaccination


1500 Kč/ 70-90min

This is a therapy which includes stimulating some trigger points and using healing sounds with the purpose to clean and open your energy system. Without oil.

A short 10min talk before the massage and sharing after is included in the price, but if it takes longer, I require +200 Kč .

Please, come at least 5 min earlier, especially, if you need to have a shower.

A short interview on the phone is required for the Tantra massage.

Please, don´´´ t drink coffee or black or green tea before the massage.

Relaxing Massages:


60 min – 800 Kč

is a sensual massage of the whole body. You can taste various types of touch inspired by four elements which surround us and are inside us and we need to balance them. Feel the firmness of the Earth, the passion of the Fire, let the Water calm you and the Air stroke you. It is a combination of the pressure, sensual and oil massage followed with a final relaxation with chakra stones.


90 min – 900 Kč  (the whole body + face)

60 min – 600 Kč (back, neck, legs)

is a relaxing oil massage , including the rhytmic strokes of the Hawaiian massage. The music of ocean waves takes you right to a tropical beach. Enjoy yourselves!

In the summer time I can offer these massages outside, near a lake where we will connect directly to the healing energy of Mother Earth and all the elements.

ROSE MASSAGE for women

60 min – 700 Kč

is a relaxing oil massage for women because a rose supports the feminine essence. I use the natural oil with the Bulgarian Rose which makes the skin as tender as rose petals. It heals women´s  organs, calms down your heart and mind and as it is aphrodisiac, it awakens  joy. Let me pamper you like a queen!


 45 min – 450 Kč 

! From the fourth month. This relaxing massage helps from common pregnancy disorders, such as tiredness, emotional hypersensitiveness or backache. It is a very gentle massage pleasant for both the mother and the baby.


30 min – 300 Kč

This  antistress massage of your head, face, neck, shoulders and upper arms relieves tension , so it is a good prevention from headaches. It helps you to get rid of fears and depression.

If you feel stressed at work and want to enjoy this massage instead of a mug of coffee, e.g. during your lunch break, I can come right to your office (within Č. Budějovice) and help you from stress.


 30 min –  350Kč

includes a calf massage and foot reflex massage in which I use not only my hands, but also a special wooden stick. It is deeply relaxing, grounding and helps against insomnia.

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Friday                             9.00 – 21.00

Please, make an appointment on the phone or via email in advance.

Weekends are also available.

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